“The love of Christ urges us”
Letter by HL Bishop Mario Grech to all the faithful in Gozo

Maltese Version
English Version

mario_grech_arm.jpglogo-missjoni-djocesana.jpg  On the occasion of the solemnity of the Assumption into Heaven of the Virgin Mary, to be celebrated on the 15th of August, HL Bishop Mario Grech has issued a letter to all the faithful in Gozo. The Letter will be read during mass this Saturday evening and Sunday.

The Letter speaks about the Diocesan Mission which the Church in Gozo will be celebrating during the next pastoral year, commencing next September. Reflecting on the Gospel to be proclaimed during mass this evening and tomorrow (Mt 14,22-33), Bishop Grech speaks about the various difficult moments in life which every person, including the family encounters. As the Gospel narrates, it is precisely in such difficult moments that Jesus makes his presence felt more than ever. All of us, continues Bishop Grech, would like to hear the encouraging words of Jesus: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid”.

Celebrating the Diocesan Mission, in its various stages, especially with visits to be made in all the families of the diocese, the Church in Gozo would like to repeat these same words of Jesus today: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid”. Jesus loves us, and His love urges us to proclaim to everyone that Jesus will always strech His hand in order to save us from our fear and failures, as He did with Peter. Jesus fills us with hope and courage to continue to walk along the troubles of life without fear of drowning.

Bishop Grech invites all families in Gozo to open their doors to the missionaries when they will come to visit them, and to open their hearts to the unfailing love of Jesus. Bishop Grech concludes his letter saying:

“I would like to urge all of you to accept wholeheartedly the grace of this Diocesan Mission. I encourage all priests and religious, male and female, to let God’s grace work in them and become a source of enthusiasm to all the diocese’s faithful. I invite the members of all the Catholic movements and groups to recognize that they are the chosen ones called to be sent out to announce the Good News of Jesus to the families of the diocese. I encourage also all the families of good will so that when the opportune time comes, they will open the doors of their homes, but most of all the doors of their hearts to that the Lord may enter.”