Liturgical Commision
Commission for the Church in Malta & Europe
Commission for Education
Catholic Cultural Heritage Commission
Caritas National Council
Inter-diocesan Council for Vocations
Response Team for the Investigation of Sexual Abuses
Cana Movement
Regional Tribunal (Second Instance)

Liturgical Commission
Tel: 2590 6145

After the first Liturgical Congress in Malta, organised by the Royal University Students’ Theological Association, was held at the Oratory of St. John’s Co-Cathedral from the 9th to the 12th January 1956; as a result of the Congress, the Liturgical Commission was established in Malta and immediately started working on the revised Holy Week Rites. For many years this Commission, which was considered a “National” Commisson,  was fully occupied in translating and publishing the new liturgical books and in promoting the liturgical renewal following Vatican II.

The Episcopal conference felt the time had come for this Commission to become an Interdiocesan Liturgical Commission and the new Statute was approved on the 23rd September, 2008.

The aims of this Commission are as follows :-
1. the translation of liturgical books and texts published by the Holy See;
2. advising the Episcopal Conference on the best ways in which to better promote the necessaryliturgical reforms, including those concerning the Sacraments, Sacred Art and Sascred Music, in the pastoral context of our Islands;
3. advising the Episcopal Conference in the preparation of a common liturgical formation and animation in our Islands;
4. Keeping close contact with the congregation for Divine Cult and the Disciplines of the Sacraments.

President: Mgr Arthur Said Pullicino, S.Th.L., J.C.D.
Secretary: Rev Jesmond Manicaro, S.Th.L.,S.L.D.
Treasurer: Mgr Paul Carmel Vella, S.Th.L., J.C.L.
Members: Fr. Ignatius Borg, Fr. Roberto Gauci, Fr George Schembri, Friar Anton Farrugia ofm, Mro Chris Muscat

Commission for the Church in Malta & Europe
This Commission was established for the first time by Decree of Archbishop Joseph Mercieca dated 13th August 1993 as an interdiocesan commission on “The Church and the European Community”. The commission was established to study and report to the Bishops of Malta and Gozo on: (a) how Malta’s eventual membership of the European Union would affect the Church and its work among the Maltese people; and (b) the contribution which out of a sense of solidarity the Church in Malta could give to the Church and to Society in general in the EU. The Commission’s first president was Mgr. Fortunato P. Mizzi. On the 24th November 1997, the Commission’s name was changed to “The Church in Malta and Europe” and its scope was widened to include other European institutions such as the Council of Europe.

The Commission advises the bishops and assists the Church in undertaking a Christian appraisal of events occurring within the EU. The Commission also evaluates opportunities that exist within the EU for the Church, its institutions, associations and movements. The Commission also coordinates participation by the Church in Malta and Gozo in the Forum Malta in Europe set up by the Government to serve as a consultative body in the formulation of European policy and legislation.

The Commission is also responsible for overseeing the participation of the Church in Malta and Gozo in European Church institutions, particularly, the Commission of Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union – COMECE. In April 2004, during a celebration by the Churches in Europe held in Santiago de Compstella, the Maltese Episcopal Conference became a member of COMECE.

President: Mgr Joseph Farrugia

Tel: 2590 6503
Fax: 2590 6507

Commission for Education
In the agreement between he Holy See and Malta on Church Schools, signed on the 28th November 1991 and ratified on the 18th February 1993, the Government of Malta agreed to pass on to the Church’s Schools in the Dioceses of Malta and Gozo, a yearly financial contribution. This contribution is payable to the Commission for Education of the Maltese Episcopal Conference.

The Commission is also charged with the care of the Foundation for Church Schools. This foundation was set up by virtue of a Deed, dated 18th February 1993, by the two Dioceses and various Religious Institutes, mainly to administer the funds received from the Government, as well as the funds contributed by the two Dioceses and Religious Institutions on the occasion of the co-temporary Agreement between the Holy See and Malta on Immoveable property of Ecclesiastical Entities. The Foundation has its own Council. Its executive secretary is the Delegate of the Maltese Episcopal Conference’s Commission for Church Schools.

Delegate: Rev Fr Dominic V Scerri, O.P.

Telephone: 25 90 63 04 /305/306
Fax: 25 90 67 54
E mail:

Catholic Cultural Heritage Commission
The Commission for Catholic Cultural Patrimony was erected by a Decree issued on the 27th September 2002, with the aim of helping the Episcopal Conference, with its counsels and its activity, in safeguarding and promoting the cultural patrimony of the Catholic Church in these Islands. The Commission is also responsible for serving and executing the competencies established in the Laws of Malta with regards to the cultural patrimony of the Catholic Church in Malta.

President: Rev. Mgr. Prof. Vincent Borg, D.D., H.E.D., Arch.Chr.L., Prel.S.S.
Rev. Joe Calleja, DipComSoc.;
Mr Dominic Cutajar., B.A.(Medit.Studies)
Mr Michael Ellul, M.Q.R.,B.E.&A.,Dip.Arch.(Rome), F.R.His.S.(London), A.&C.E.
Rev. Norbert Ellul Vincenti, OFM., M.A.(Oxon.)
Mrs Cecilia Xuereb, B.A.
Rev.Marius Zerafa, OP., S.Th.L & Lic., Dr.Sc.Soc., B.A.Hons.(Lond.), A.R.Hist. S.(Lond.)
Secretary: Rev. Joe Magro, B.A., Lic.D.

Caritas National Council
The Caritas National Council was erected by a Decree dated 11th November 1968, which also approved its statute. The aim of the Council is that of “promoting and coordinating aid and charitable activities of a christian inspiration, in the Islands of Malta and Gozo”.

President: Mgr Paul Cremona OP, Archbishop of Malta
Vice-President: Mgr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo
Director: Mgr Victor Grech
Vice-Director: Mgr Carmelo Farrugia

Inter-diocesan Council for Vocations
The Interdiocesan Council of Vocations was established by the Maltese Bishops in agreement with the Maltese Conference of Religious Major Superiors, to promote and coordinate all pastoral activities in favour of vocations for the diocesan clergy and for the Institutes of consecrated life in Malta and Gozo.

President: Fr Michael Bellizzi
Tel: 21450354

Vice-President: Sr. Marica Agius fcj
Tel: 21312586
Fax: 2139 6299

Secretary: P. Antoine Apap ofm Conv.
Tel: 21577088/9

Treasurer: Bro Dennis Calleja ofm Cap.
Tel: 21825724

Member: Rev. Joseph Cassar sj
Tel: 21440325

Response Team for the Investigation of Sexual Abuses
The Delegate and Response Team for the Investigation of Sexual Abuses were nominated by the Maltese Episcopal Conference, in collaboration with the Conference of the Major Religious Superiors, in order to carry out a preliminary investigation of allegations of sexual abuses by pastoral ministers. If and when these allegations are made, this Team gathers all the necessary information as soon as possible in order to determine whether, in fact, there has been a sexual abuse. After concluding their investigations, they present their report and recommendations to the proper Church Authorities. The Delegate and the Team were nominated on the 8th March, 1999.

Archbishop’s Delegate: Dr Victor Caruana Colombo
Member: Mgr Joseph Bajada MSTh, JCD (Jur), Cap SS

Helpline: 2590 6216; 2590 6203

Cana Movement
The Cana Movement is a lay movement established as a public canonical association. It comprises the two dioceses of Malta and Gozo and was founded by Rev Fr Charles Vella. The present statute was approved by Archbishop Joseph Mercieca on 1st March 1995.

President: Dr Anna Vella, MD
Director: Rev Joseph Mizzi
Secretary: Ms Joanne Zammit Falzon

Regional Tribunal (Second Instance)
Judicial Vicar:
Mgr Joseph Bajada M.S.Th., J.C.D.(Juris), Cap.SS.

Father Dionysius Attard O.Carm., J.C.D.
Mgr Edgar Attard B.A.(Hons.), Lic.D., Cap.SS.
Mgr Anthony Vella B.A., Lic.D., Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit.
Fr John Scicluna S.J., Ph.L., S.Th.L.
Fr Michael Farrugia O.Carm., S.Th.L., J.C.D.

Dr Daniela Deguara B.A., LL.D., Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit
Dr Maria Carmen DeBono B.A., LL.D.,Dip. Trib. Eccl.Melit
Dr Neville Young B.A., Mag.lur., LL.D.,Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit.

Promoter of Justice:
Mgr Salvatore Pace J.C.L., Cap.SS.

Defender of the Bond:
Rev. Can. Etienne Sciberras B.A., S.Th.L.,Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit.

Deputy Defenders of the Bond:
Fr Emmanuel Bugeja MCL, JCL.
Fr George Zammit OFMConv., Mag.Mus.,S.Th.Lic
Dr Jean Paul Grech B.A., LL.D., M.Juris. (Int. Law), Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit.
Dr Rachael Cassar Torreggiani B.A., M.A., LL.D., Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit.
Dr Ingrid Buhagiar B.A., LL.D., Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit.
Dr Sarah Grima B.A., LL.D., Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit.
Dr Fiorella Mifsud Saydon B.A., LL.D., Dip. Tax.,Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit.
Dr Fransina Abela B.A., LL.D., Dip. Trib. Eccl. Melit.
Dr Michael Buhagiar J.C.D., Adv.SRR

Ms Alessandra Dee Crespo B.A. (Theol.&Hum. Stud.) Dip.Trib.Eccl.Melit

Ms. Grace Bongailas

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