Manresa Retreat House

Our Lady of Manresa (San Kalċidonju)

Dedication Date
15 October 1931

Fr Anthony Cilia

Triq Santa Dminka
Telephone 21556635/Fax 21559314


Other Information

Manresa Retreat House, is about 170 years old, but the Jesuits have been in charge of it for the last 50 years.  As its name indicates, the main purpose of Manresa House is retreats of all types.  The house offers a place where a person can retire to be in quiet with God.  As retreats permit, the house is also available for seminars and other meetings.

Mass times in Manresa chapel:  daily at 6.45 and at 18.00 hrs (19.00 in summer-time)

Sunday at 6.45 and 8.00hrs

Friday at 10.00hrs, in English

The chapel remains open during the day for personal prayer.

Confessions:  usually 1/2hr before Mass on Saturday and Sunday.  At other times, by request.