Fontana Parish Church

Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Dedication Date
29 January 1905

Parish Priest

Rev. Simon Mario Cachia
M. 7909 3699

Parish Office
196, Triq ta’ l-Għajn, Fontana VCT 105
Telephone: 2155 6097 – 2156 0233 (church)
Fax: 2156 0223



Community Radio
Radju Sacro Cuor (RSC) – 105.2MHz FM

Mass Schedule (click here)

Mass schedule
Sundays and days of obligation:
am –6.00 – 7.00 – 8.30 – 10.30
pm: 4.30

am: 5.45 – 6.30 – 7.00 – (9.00 Saturday only) - 11.30
pm: 6.00 (W) – 7.00 (S)

Brief History

Fontana, locally known simply as Triq tal-Ghajn, the way to the spring, took its name from a bountiful spring at the bottom of the road leading to Xlendi, known as il-Ghajn il-Kbira, the big spring. Fontana is Italian for spring.

Fontana, a suburb of Rabat, which is itself a suburb of the Citadel, lies on the Rabat–Xlendi road. People began to inhabit the area because of this useful fresh water spring. In the sixteenth century, an arched shelter was built over the spring for the convenience of the people.

Most of the fishermen that operated from the village of Xlendi lived in Fontana. Late in the nineteenth century, they began setting aside part of the proceeds from their catches to raise a church. The foundation stone of the church was laid on 29 January 1892 and it was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1905. It was consecrated thirteen years to that day on 29 January 1905. The church was established parish of Fontana on 27 March 1911 during the bishopric of Giovanni Maria Camilleri.