Messaġġ tal-Isqof Grech lill-Arċisqof Emeritu Cremona


Dear Monsignor Cremona,

Eight years in the capacity of Archbishop of Malta are not many but, through your unique charisma, they were enough for you to leave an effect on us all.

When as Church, you helped us maintain our focus on Jesus Christ and through him learn to instil  love and mercy, at the same time, you  prepared society to set its views regarding the Church so as  not to expect from the Church what is not in its competence to grant. I bear witness to the fact that, on your part, genuine and humble efforts where never lacking in ensuring that our words, in their meaning and their tone, would approximate as much as possible the gentle voice of the Shepherd who never ceases to care for His sheep. Your concern for a defective sapling not to be broken and a flickering flame not to be extinguished, was evident at all times.

This eminently pastoral attitude of yours showed up also in the way you lived your Episcopal ministry with Evangelical simplicity. While I continue to greatly appreciate the word, normally based on the Gospel, that you used to share with us, my hope is that the pattern you have imparted to the Episcopal ministry continues to enrich the local Church.

The Church in Gozo is very grateful to you and will not forget the generosity you showed it! Not less am I indebted to you when I consider that, when both of us were simultaneously learning the first steps in the way of the episcopate, you were for me a support that I could lean on with great confidence.  I acknowledge that after the death of my predecessor Bishop Nikol G. Cauchi, I found in you my second spiritual father.

This evening I could not be with you because duty calls me to preside over the Church in Gozo in the celebration of Christ the King; but in the name of all Gozitans I invite you, on the 17th of January, to preside the Eucharist of thanksgiving in a place which is dear to your and our hearts, the Sanctuary of Our Lady Ta’ Pinu.

Let me repeat to you the same words that the disciples of Emmaus said to Jesus when he was about to leave them: “Stay with us” because you are to us a gift from God.

Today, 23rd November 2014, Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe.

+ Mario Grech
Bishop of Gozo

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