The Secular Institute “Spigolatrici della Chiesa” (Gleaners of the Church) has its roots in the heart of Umbria, Italy, in the village of Lippiano. The institute owes its origin to Pia Tavernelli, who in the Thirties was a teacher in the primary school of Lippiano. An inspiration Pia had while meditating on the text: “Like living stones be yourselves built in a spiritual house” (1 Pt 2,5), led her to the setting of the Institute. Today the Spigolatrici are present in Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Gozo, India, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.

The “Spigolatrici della Chiesa” owe their name and specific kind of service to the biblical story of Ruth, to be found mostly in the Book of Ruth, chapter 2. Its interpretation inspires the mission and spirituality of the consecrated laywomen of the Institute:

* Service to those who are most in need (the ears of corn overlooked in the furrow);
* Humble collaboration of the Spigolatrice with the Pastors (the reapers);
* Being faithful to the Magisterium of the Church;
* Living a life in the spirit of Reparation - love towards Christ in the Eucharist and great zeal for the salvation of souls.

As we are part of the Christian Laity, we work either in a profession of our own choice or dedicate our time and energy to pastoral or voluntary work. But above all, our specific vocation is to live in the midst of the world to bring Christ in the world and take the world to Christ.

The Spigolatrici live in small fraternities, in the family or on their own.

Contact Person:
Felicia Saliba
21, Triq Dun Xand Aquilina
Sannat SNT 1303
Gozo, Malta
Tel: 21551416