The College of Parish Priests is an ecclesiastical corporation with the aim of creating collaboration between the parish priests and of each one of them with the bishop, especially that of creating a uniformity of views and pastoral praxis. (Synodus Gaudisiensis Secunda, Rules for the College of Parish Priests, 1)

Can. 515 §1. A parish is a certain community of the Christian faithful stably constituted in a particular church, whose pastoral care is entrusted to a pastor (parochus) as its proper pastor (pastor) under the authority of the diocesan bishop.

Can. 519 The pastor (parochus) is the proper pastor (pastor) of the parish entrusted to him, exercising the pastoral care of the community committed to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop in whose ministry of Christ he has been called to share, so that for that same community he carries out the functions of teaching, sanctifying, and governing, also with the cooperation of other presbyters or deacons and with the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful, according to the norm of law.

    • President:  Bishop Mario Grech

    • Parish Priests:  Mgr Joseph Attard (Cathedral, Victoria), Can Frankie Bajada (Għajnsielem), Fr Joseph  Bajada (Fontana), Fr Ignatius Borg (Saint Lawrence), Mgr Paul Cardona (Saint George, Victoria), Can Tarcisio Camilleri (Sannat), Can Tonio Galea (Munxar), Mgr Carmel Gauci (Għarb), Can Brian Mejlak (Kerċem), Mgr Carmel Mercieca (Xewkija), Can Reuben Micallef (Żebbuġ), Mgr Carmel Refalo (Xagħra), Mgr Jimmy Xerri (Nadur), Can Edward Xuereb (Għasri), Can Joseph Zammit (Qala)

    • Other members: Giovanni B. Gauci (Vicar General), Fr Giovanni Curmi (Pastoral Secretary), Fr Eddie Zammit (Bishop’s Personal Assistant)

    • Secretary: Can Tarcisio Camilleri