A cathedral chapter constitutes a moral body or corporation. Inasmuch as it is an ecclesiastical corporation it can be erected only by the pope, according to the prevailing discipline. The chapter can be considered as forming one body with the bishop, in as far as it constitutes his senate and aids him in the government of his diocese; or as forming a body distinct from the bishop, having its own regulations and interests. Viewed under the first aspect the cathedral chapter has the bishop for its head; under the last, it has its own proper superior. Taking the chapter in the strict sense, however, canonists generally declare that the bishop must always be distinguished from it; nor can he be called a member of the chapter. Anciently, the principal dignitary of the chapter was the archdeacon, but from the eleventh century the dean, who was also archpriest, had the internal government of the chapter. In some countries this dignitary is called the provost. The collation to canonries, by common law, pertains to the bishop and the chapter conjointly, unless in the case of such canonships as are papal reservations. The nomination of the head of the chapter belongs to the pope. (New Advent Encyclopedia)

Can. 503 A chapter of canons, whether cathedral or collegial, is a college of priests which performs more solemn liturgical functions in a cathedral or collegial church. In addition, it is for the cathedral chapter to fulfill the functions which the law or the diocesan bishop entrusts to it.

  • Archdeacon: Mgr John B Gauci
  • Dean: Mgr Anton Gauci
  • Precentor: Mgr Gregory Vella
  • Archpriest: Mgr Joseph Attard
  • Treasurer: Mgr Joseph Azzopardi
  • Canons: Mgr Thomas Curmi, Mgr Lawrence Xerri, Mgr Joseph Curmi (Penitentiary), Mgr Joseph Grech (Lector), Mgr Rosario J. Borg (Chancellor), Mgr Joseph Gauci, Mgr Joseph Farrugia Dimech, Mgr Nicholas Vella, Mgr George Tabone, Mgr Saviour Debrincat (Theologian), Mgr Gregory Grech, Mgr Francis Debrincat.
  • Canon Coadiutors: Mgr Joseph Bezzina, Mgr Joseph Gauci
  • Honorary Canons: Mgr Louis Vella, Mgr Benedict Camilleri, Mgr Carmelo Mercieca, Mgr Martin Portelli, Mgr Lawrence Sciberras, Mgr Joseph Cauchi, Mgr Brunero Gherardini (Canon of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome)
  • Choir Assistants: Fr Saviour Tabone (Diocesan Master of Ceremonies), Fr Frankie Sultana (Chapter’s Master of Ceremonies), Can Joseph Sultana, Fr Jesmond Gauci
  • Choir Master: Mgr Joseph Azzopardi
  • Maestro di Cappella: Mro Colin Attard