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New Publication: Gozitan Missionary Fr John Mary Cauchi and his work with the poor in Brasil

pastoral-land-commission.JPGFrom the book’s Preface

Practically since my first days in Brazil, on the advice of my colleagues, I became involved in the work of the social movements, both in the city and in the interior. Those in the city worked in favour of the workers, victims of precarious jobs and unemployment; those in the interior tried to bring about land reform. As these movements were cropping up when the military regime was approaching its end, within the Church, as a result of the Latin American Church’s Evangelical Option For The Poor’, the Pastoral Operaria (PO), and the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) were created. The Pastoral Operaria supported the small and various trade unions, while the CPT supported the social movements struggling for land reform. Both pastoral activities were supported by my Archbishop Mgr Jaime Luis Coelho. Continue reading >>

Newsheet tal-Għaqdiet Kattoliċi - Diċembru 2017

Niżżel in-Newsheet minn hawn: newsheet-dicembru-2017.pdf

Bullettin tal-1 Ħadd tal-Avvent (Sena B)