caritas-malta-logo.jpgOne year from the earthquake of 12th January 2010, Haiti is still reeling from the devastating experience which has since been followed up by a sever hurricane and a cholera epidemic. The earthquake killed 250,000 people and destroyed much of the housing and infrastructure in Port au Prince.


Caritas Internationalis responded swiftly and within 72 hours of the earthquake, a team of more than 20 international staff from Caritas organisations in Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Europe had assembled in Port au Prince to lend their assistance and solidarity to Caritas Haiti and the local Church as they scaled up to respond to the disaster.

A year on, Caritas relief and reconstruction programmes in Haiti are well-established. By May 2011, Caritas will have invested more than $217 million in the country. This includes the distribution of hygiene kits and food aid, infrastructure and housing projects, education, livelihoods, water, sanitation, capacity building and health programmes.
Donations collected by Caritas Malta in aid of the earthquake victims and their families in Haiti reached a total of €270,391 as announced on the 25th March, 2010. These funds have been channelled towards a water and sanitation project which aims to improve the water supply and sanitation in the parishes of Leon, Jean Bellune, Ste Helen and Caracolie by building family/communal tanks and latrines.
One year on, the situation is still difficult in Haiti. About 80% of those made homeless a year ago are still living in tents and have no hope for an immediate solution that could ease their living conditions. As a result of a cholera epidemic which spread out killing some thousands of people, access to sanitary conditions and drinking water is very bad.
A spokesperson for Caritas Malta Emergency Aid Commission, Mr Leonid McKay said that ‘amidst this chaotic situation, Caritas Internationalis staff is working on a daily basis side to side with Haitians to help them overcome their difficulties and rebuild their country’.
On behalf of Caritas Internationalis, Caritas Malta sends its warmest thanks to the Maltese public who have supported the people of Haiti in such a difficult moment.

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